Universum-Di Carlo agreement: the publishing house in Reggio Emilia will edit the publications of the Academy

Signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between Universum and the publishing house Di Carlo Editions in Reggio Emilia. This is how a fruitful collaboration was born, thanks to which all the publications of the Academy, founded in Switzerland, are published precisely by the Reggio publisher: “I’m really happy”, says Antonello Di Carlo, “to start a new adventure with a non-profit”. -Government organization that conducts its activities in accordance with all religious expressions and in a non-political and non-partisan manner. I am sure that the path we will walk together will be long and full of satisfaction two Vice-Presidents Giuseppe Rinaldi and Oswaldo Codiga, the Head of the Department of Culture and Sport, Margherita Ferraris, the Head of the Department of Art, Dance, Fashion and Entertainment, Marilena Rango, and the Ambassador of Universum Italia to the States, Luigi Pullia.

On the sidelines of the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding, the meeting with some authors of the Di Carlo editions took place, who thus become part of the big Universum family as honorary academics. Duilio Papi, Giuseppe Pierdomenico, Luigi Paciello, Maria Tedeschi, Nela Munich Ionescu, Sabrina Morelli, Lucia Zappulla, Giuseppe Raineri, Ermanno Spera, Rossella Ziccone and Maria Angela Iozzino were present and at the same time honored for their literary merits.

The writers Annunziata Candia, Maria Concetta Borgese, Claudio Raspollini, Cinzia Rota, Massimo del Zio and Patrizia Riello Pera, who were absent on the occasion, will instead be presented again on October 15 at 10 a.m. in Reggio Emilia as part of the Awards Ceremony of the XXIV edition of the international literary prize Universum.

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