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Following Depeche Mode, U2 is releasing a new album, an acoustic and intimate version, with a planned residency and concerts in Las Vegas. Before the sequel, the legendary group launched this comeback via social networks.

It was a stripped-down guitar-vocal duo version of one of their 1983 triumphs. 40 years ago, Bloody Sunday, an allusion to the Northern Irish civil war, sounded much rockier. 40 years have passed since U2’s musical revelation, time for the group to revisit some of their iconic songs. U2 in intimate version, a color Bono wanted in his recent memoir, a book of memories through some of his 40 songs.

Irish roaming

The group was never very ready to step up, but still made a few rare appearances. Always ready to defend the cause for more than 30 years, U2 took to the Kiev metro to sing for the Ukrainian refugees. And with Larry the drummer in recovery and Adam the bassist on set, it’s still Bono & The Edge we see roaming around Ireland in this documentary filmed in their hometown of Dublin. In a few months, U2 will finally be back on stage at a brand new Las Vegas venue.

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