Tomorrow is ours from March 28, 2023: Benedict innocent? spoiler

TOMORROW IS OURS. In episode 1392 of Tomorrow is ours on Tuesday, March 28, 2023, DNA analyzes exonerate Benoît Letellier. Summary in advance and spoilers.

[Mis à jour le 27 mars 2023 à 19h20] In Episode 1392 of DNA on Tuesday March 28, police increasingly suspect Benoît of being the killer. It is indeed disturbing to discover that he uses the same soap as the assassin and that he still lived near the crime scene… Lisa is convinced he is the perpetrator of the murders, but she could be wrong. And the results of the analyzes confirm it: the DNA found on the victims is not that of Benoît Letellier. However, these coincidences are disturbing and Benoît admits that he has the impression that the killer is following him. But if it’s not him, then who is it?

At the same time, Soizic surprises Charlie and Jules over a drink together and seizes the opportunity to provoke his rival by saying they could make a good couple and reignite the flame. Charlie really doesn’t think so, which is a blow to Jules, who would like to win her back. On Tuesday March 28th episode of DNA, while François Soizic pleads not to ruin his relationship with Charlie anymore, the latter, stung by Jules who accuses him of being stuck since she started dating the teacher, decides to to throw a big party. Nathan warns his friend that by trying to prove to his ex that she’s still the same, she could cause a misunderstanding.

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Finally, in the March 28 episode of Tomorrow’s Ours, broadcast on TF1, Marianne, upset at Renaud’s attitude towards Sébastien, lets him know that she doesn’t appreciate seeing him behaving in such an unworthy manner and that she can’t stand his jealousy. When Marianne later talks to Chloé about this problem, she insists that she has no feelings for Sébastien. On the advice of her daughter, she cleared things up with the public prosecutor’s office. She makes it clear to him that while she appreciates him, she is married and doesn’t want any ambiguity, so she gives him back the scarf he gave her. A real disappointment for Sébastien.


SummaryTomorrow is ours is a daily soap opera broadcast on TF1 that follows the daily life of the inhabitants of Sète: their romances, their rivalries, their daily lives but also police and social intrigues. 2020 will be a spin-off, It all starts here, see the light of day.

Tomorrow is ours is a soap opera (like Here it all begins or Plus belle la vie on France 3) that airs Monday to Friday on TF1. Every night of the week, the faithful of the program can discover a new episode. Each new episode is broadcast on the first channel, from 7:10 p.m. in the TV program and until 7:55 p.m.

It is not always easy to follow the new episodes of the series Tomorrow is ours every day in the TV program. But fortunately TF1 offers to find the latest episodes in replay on your internet boxes but also on its MyTF1 site with free access. Also note that Tomorrow is Ours episodes can be seen in streaming play on the subscription platform. jumpaccessible via mobile phone, tablet, Smart TV or computer.

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When you’re not sitting in front of your TV watching Tomorrow does not to us live on TF1, you still have the option to watch live streaming on the MyTF1 website. All you have to do is connect through your email or Facebook account and enjoy the live streaming on your phone, tablet or computer. If you missed an episode when it aired, you can always find the reruns of recently aired episodes in the same place. Also note that Tomorrow is Ours episodes are available in advance on Salto’s subscription streaming platform.

  • Ingrid Chauvin as Chloe Delcourt
  • Alexandre Brasseur: Alex Bertrand
  • Solene Hebert: Victory Lazzari
  • Samy Gharbi: Karim Saeed
  • Camel Belghazi : William Daunier
  • Julie DebazacAurora Jacob
  • Emma Smet: Sofia Daunier-Jacob
  • Louvia Bachelier: Manon Daunier-Jacob
  • Maud Baker: Anna Delcourt
  • Alice Varela: Judith Delcourt-Bertrand
  • Luce Mouchel: Marianne Delcourt-Dumaze
  • Juliette Tresanini: Sandrine Lazzari
  • Théo Cosset: Arthur Lazzari-Moiret
  • Anne Caillon: Flore Vallorta
  • Hector Langevin: Bart Vallorta
  • Ariane Seguillon as Christelle Moreno
  • Lou JeanBetty Moreno
  • Arnaud Henriet: Sylvain Moreno
  • Camille Exactly: Sara Raynaud
  • Marthieu Alexandre: Tristan Girard
  • Artemisia Toussaint: Solenne Girard
  • Antoine CohautBen Girard
  • Catherine Allegret: Jeanne Bellanger Dumontel
  • Alexandra NaoumLouise Kersal
  • Charles Lelaure: Xavier Meffre
  • Jennifer Lauret as Raphaelle Perraud
  • Xavier Deluc: Sebastien Perraud
  • Charlotte Gaccio: Audrey Roussel
  • Franck Monsigny: Martin Constant
  • Raphaële Volkoff: Roxane Thiemen/Aurélie Doumerge
  • Mayel Elhajaoui Georges Caron
  • Pierre Deny: Renaud Dumaze
  • Axel Kiener: Samuel Chardeau
  • Alexandre VargaBenjamin Ventura
  • Camille de Pazzis: Alma Guerin
  • Emmanuel Moire: Francois Lehaut

Can’t wait to discover the Tomorrow is ours sequel? Note that the subscription platform Salto offers to discover the episode of the evening and the next day in advance every day. It is thus possible to discover the rest of the plot a few hours in advance without having to wait too long for the broadcast on TF1.

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