The very enterprising competitors shock Karine Le Marchand

In L’amour est dans le pré this Monday, September 18, on M6, Joris had to face (too) enterprising suitors who destabilized him.

“Love is in the Meadow” continues to enjoy great popularity on M6 and particularly on the 6play replay platform. In episode 5, broadcast this Monday, September 18, 2023, viewers were able to discover a delicious sequence during Joris’ speed dating.

In fact, the farmer does not feel comfortable in the area of ​​seduction, and Karine Le Marchand then decides to help her four suitors by advising them not to be stingy with compliments: “It is inevitably you who make the first moves because he is unable to do so. It’s new territory for him. He’s a great guy, you can go!”

And some took the host of “L’amour est dans le pré” at her word! Justine and Fidéline, the first candidates, didn’t miss the opportunity to shower Joris with compliments: “Physically you are reassuring, we want to lie in your arms”, “The physique is great!” One of them even says she is ready , leaving her home to live with him and start a family: “I see myself there. I imagine a girl with blue eyes. I don’t know what that will be. “I like to do something with the little ones, but I totally plan ahead.”

“She scares him”

But contrary to what they had hoped, this insulting attitude embarrassed the farmer… but also Karine Le Marchand herself: “She scares him! You’re maybe going a little too hard, no, compared to what I said. Maybe I shouldn’t do it “I didn’t say let her go all out.”

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Joris also did not forget to say that such enthusiasm in the seduction relationship “feels strange” to him. The ADP 2023 fireman said he was “more destabilized than anything else” by these two candidates’ attempts. And in the end it played a trick on them because the farmer decided to invite Elodie and Carine to discover his daily life on the farm.

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