The public prosecutor’s office in Berlin is investigating the Rammstein singer for sexual abuse

The Berlin public prosecutor’s office confirmed this Wednesday that they had opened proceedings against him See you LindemannLead singer of the heavy metal band Rammstein around which one has exploded alleged scandal sexual abuse and power against young supporters of the band.

The investigation It was opened “due to several complaints from third parties”.as well as ex officio, a spokeswoman, Karen Sommer, stated in statements to Efe.

The singer is a suspect Acts “in the field of sexual offenses and the supply of narcotics”.Sommer said, adding that prosecutors are currently unable to provide any further details so as not to jeopardize the investigation and jeopardize the rights of Lindemann and his potential victims.

The scandal erupted a few weeks ago after a young Irish woman reported that she was drugged at a Rammstein concert in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius, allegedly with the aim of having sex with the singer.

It was followed by a Flood of testimonials from others Womencollected in various German and international media denouncing the existence of an alleged system surrounding the singer to lure young people with whom he could have sexual relations after concerts.

Some say they felt intimidated or hurt by Lindemann’s attitude, others said the singer abused them or they observed other girls acting as if they were on drugs.

Lithuanian police said last weekend that they would not investigate the initial complaint against the singer, presumably due to a lack of evidence.

But in Germany the controversy surrounding the popular band, which has so far rejected all allegations and demanded that Lindemann’s presumption of innocence be preserved, is no longer growing.

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