The editor of “How to sabotage a pipeline” cited in the dissolution decree denounces an “intimidation” – liberation

The French publisher, who has given prominence to one of his works in the decree dissolving the environmental group, warns of a new form of censorship and attacks on the freedoms that burden publishers.

It is an essay written by a Swedish scholar named Andreas Malm. Published in June 2020 by Editions The fabric, how to sabotage a pipeline calls for a radicalization of the fight against large greenhouse gas emitters. However, the work was cited in the resolution to end the uprisings of the earth as a fundamental element and main inspiration of the movement, “Advocating direct action and justifying extreme action, up to and including confrontation with law enforcement”. A mention that caused the French publisher of the essay to denounce “the new forms of censorship, attacks on liberties and intimidation measures that weigh on publishers”.

“We have been publishing essays for 25 years and were surprised, to say the least, to learn that one of these, published over three years ago in 2020, was cited as an incriminating element in the decree,” buttress The fabric. “If this book had any problem with the laws […], he would have been prosecuted. That was not the case”, sued the publisher, although in his opinion “This is not the first time that a book in the catalogue, which has not been the subject of a judicial proceeding, has been mobilized for the purpose of repression.”.

The fabric also published in 2007 The Coming Uprisinga signed manifesto “Invisible Committee”. He had been included in an investigation by the anti-terrorist judges, the Tarnac affair, which had resulted in acquittals or minimal sentences for crimes. The dedicated publisher is also the employer of a man who was arrested in London in April by British police who were questioning him about taking part in demonstrations in France. Before he was released without prosecution, his fate had sparked outrage in France and the UK.

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How to sabotage a pipeline is being adapted by American director Daniel Goldhaber. The film, which commemorates a group planning to use explosives to destroy an oil pipeline in Texas, will hit theaters July 26 in France under the title “Sabotage”.

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