the confidences of Miou-Miou on the poster of the film “I will always see your faces”

Every day, a personality invites himself into the world of Élodie Suigo. Today the actress is Miou-Miou. This Wednesday, March 29, she is showing Jeanne Herry’s film “I will always see your faces” with Leïla Bekhti, Dali Bensalah, Jean-Pierre Darroussin.

Miou-Miou is an actress who is well appreciated and loved by the public and the critics. Nominated ten times for the César for Best Actress, she won one for the film The Derobade 1980, a ceremony she never attended. She has already experienced a career full of roles, emotions and encounters, also with the Café de la Gare and Coluche at the start. And then there was this role of the eccentric and liberated woman The Valseuses by Bertrand Blier from 1974, which forever captivated moviegoers. She always did what she wanted and rejected what didn’t suit her.

This Wednesday, March 29, she is showing the film by Jeanne Herry, I will always see your faces with Leïla Bekhti, Dali Bensalah, Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Gilles Lellouche, Fred Testot.

franceinfo: What we do know is that Jeanne Herry is your daughter. Are you proud of that little chip you had with Julien Clerc?

Miou Miou : I wouldn’t use the word proud, I would say above all happy that she has her place. Because now she has found him, she has found him many times. But seeing her on set, directing her, attentive to everyone and at the same time very determined, very funny, well, that’s when I know she’s exactly where she wants to be.

She had already signed Pupils who was nominated seven times for the Césars. This film is about restorative justice defined as martial arts. These are victims of robbery, rape, robbery who are tagged, damaged and agree to meet convicts in prison to create moments of exchange with them. You play the role of one of those victims who was attacked by a man who snatched her purse. We have a feeling that nobody gets away scot-free.

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The victims feel guilty. That’s the unbelievable. For example, I make Sabine feel guilty for not going out at the usual time, for not dropping her bag, for not getting over it. So when she talks to the guilty, by acknowledging her suffering, it is they who will begin to repair her.

When the guilty begin to recognize the suffering of others, the work of redemption begins. The social bond is restored.

You wanted to be self-sufficient very quickly, so I would like to know what you dreamed of as a child.

I lived in the Halles de Paris district, in central Paris, where my mother worked. Images and sounds stayed from my childhood because all night there was this absolutely incredible market of smells, screams, voluptuousness. And it went on all day, well, it didn’t stop. It was passionate. Anyway, I left home when I was 18. I slammed the door and after that I understood that building a cafe-theater and staying in this place meant financial independence, extraordinary freedom.

This magnificent Les Halles theater had to be rebuilt elsewhere to live with noise and smells.

Maybe it was another adventure. An adventure of building something, not knowing for a year where we will sleep, where we will wash, what we will eat? Also a lot stolen as there were no things that beeped when we went out. And especially me, I didn’t do any casting. At first I didn’t want to be an actress.

The fact that these are the people who called me an actress suits me a lot because I don’t have the responsibility. It comes from their desire.

What you will be told is the film The Valseuses by Bertrand Blier. You will show your ability to play a very strong role. How has this role changed in your life?

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I think it was the success that changed everything. It was an epic shoot as we got along really well between Depardieu, Patrick Dewaere and lo and behold it was a bit hot for the whole team. And after that there were the other films like Policewoman D’Yves Boisset 1980, Evade by Daniel Duval (1979).

What’s pretty powerful when you look at that journey is that your co-stars have always been nice to you, they’ve always taken you under their wing.

Maybe I’ll put on protection, that’s what I want. It’s a need in itself. Not always, but when it comes to making a protective gesture for me… like adjusting the scarf around my neck, I even had tears in my eyes.

How do you see your trip?

Not bad. What’s not bad is that I’ve entered the age zone now, uh, 73 years old, so I have other roles. There are different roles in each phase.

how do you live the time

Oddly enough. I’m afraid, not of death, I’m afraid of decay. I’m afraid people will say:Ah, you weren’t with her today?“I’m really afraid of it. In this desire to be loved, to continue to be loved by loved ones, I do not want it to be wasted. I still find it selfish as a thought!

How do you live the love of the French all these years?

I was a bit scared. I was a bit their mirror there, they recognized a lot, I hope they are not disappointed and I don’t think so. I actually live it well.

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