Thank god for this movie

Sunday March 19, 2023 7:59 am

I like this Concha de Oro from Zinemaldia 70. I like it because it’s signed by the author of Matar a Jesús, her autobiography about her murdered father. I like it because until yesterday I thought Laura was a very urban filmmaker. So much so that the opening scenes of The Kings of the World, which feature that boldly choreographed machete fight, remind me of titles like The Night Is Ours for no apparent reason. And yet, when this Medellín-born film graduate meets David Gallego, the cinematographer of “El abrazo de la serpiente” in Melbourne, whose camera has penetrated further into the other jungle, into the unpaved, into the lush green, into the non-place, on suddenly an inhabited-uninhabited house appears, it turns out that his “The Kings of the World” becomes a road movie that leads to places that are so beautiful that they are frightening.

The kings of the world

  • Address:
    Laura Mora Ortega

  • Script:
    Maria Camila Arias, Laura Mora

  • Photography:
    David Gallego

  • Music:
    Leonardo Heiblum, Alexis Ruiz

  • Interpreter:
    Carlos Andres Castañeda, Davison Florez, Brahian Acevedo

  • Nationality:
    Colombia, 111 m.

  • Movie theater:

I like that the references are so varied and crazy in the 100+ minutes of footage. Because now you’re thinking about the ‘Goonies’ and then ‘Lord of the Flies’. Because for a moment you remember Count on Me and for others you don’t forget, I don’t know, Erendina or some of the creatures of magical realism. Suddenly, the images created by Angelopoulos jolt your memory neurons. And you think of the few secret “gravity bike” challenges (downhill at full speed on a modified bike) you witnessed one afternoon. Those boys who take refuge in a dark and cozy brothel and dance softly with wise whores, that Ra (representing justice), Davy (the mystic), Winny (the revolution), Nano (dignity) and Culebro (anger). . I like this movie so rough so loyal so old so young yeah thank god you gave it to us.

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