Renault brings unions together in April to transition from Horse to independence on July 1


Renault will meet the unions in April for the transition to the Horse project, with the challenge of being independent on July 1, for which they will have to start local negotiations with all countries concerned “soon”.

As indicated by the CCOO in a statement, the consultation period for the implementation of Horse in Spain will be available from week 17, which runs from April 24th to 30th.

This is one of the issues that the French multinational diamond manufacturer has entrusted to the unions on the occasion of the creation of the Renault-Spain Inter-Centre Committee this Thursday, March 23, where the Director of Engineering made a presentation of the horse project with the new company appointments.

As reported by UGT and CCOO in separate communications, the company has defended that it is a project “with a long future”, since at the same time between 50 and 60% of vehicles will have internal combustion engines in 2040 that they have highlighted that Renault ” will have a “big stake” in this initiative, which will develop engines with new technology.

In total, Horse will have 17 plants with five development centers on three continents and 19,000 employees, 9,000 of whom will come from the Renault Group.

Equally owned by Renault and Geely, and with the addition of Aramco, they have also claimed that Horse already has “a lot of real customers”. The company has also claimed to have invested in research on synthetic fuels, hydrogen and batteries “to be a global leader in new mobility”.

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From the UGT union section in Renault-Spain, they have expressed their desire to “see already on the ground” how the Spanish workers will be treated “in accordance with the legislation in force” and their “demands” such as the establishment of the headquarters in Spain become.

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