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In his latest collection, “Black-out,” the poet pauses between two episodes of the American series “Prison Break” to better understand the digital or ecological horrors of the world around him.

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blackout is a question of the in-between, of suspended time and of pausing. In short, from temporal intervals from which emerges the meditative poetry of this latest collection signed by Paul de Brancion. Design of the work, published by Plaine Page and illustrated with collages by Thomas Beulaguet, poet, novelist, radio producer and founder of the magazine Sarrazin, committed to an exercise: either write a poem about him Laptop after each episode of the American series Prison breakout “Sometimes two” – of the emotions and thoughts that the soap opera evokes. «blackout It’s the awakening, the post-pre-post apocalypse serieswritten as a foreword by the author, also an organic farmer, We know that these series serve to compensate us for our fears and make us forget the last catastrophe through organized and suspended television tensions.

This writing experience that delivers edgy verses about the state of the world, powered by information and entertainment technologies (such as: “The agenda will certainly be explicitly pathological” or “If Nothing had laid its hand on the world”), is in fact an attempt to break free from the slavery of the screens. A “take over” guided by excerpts from classic authors of the 17th and 18th centuries (Molière, Boileau, Bossuet, La Fontaine or Rousseau), which serve as beacons in the general darkness of thought. We would forget, and this is open to interpretation, that it is a struggle against an imposed temporality to which the poet responds by searching for a much more human pace, which we sense in the anxious rhythm of his prose. We identify a world full of horrors (political, technological, environmental, etc.) that we can thwart through poetry.

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blackout by Paul de Brancion. Published on a normal page, 84 pages, €15.

The extract


very fast

accumulates, chases and fades

to the point that the brain is racing

“Stress” “Breakdown” “Burn-out”

The heart beats in a cage


Screen fatigue

the eyes blur

even through tears

but sweaty on the keyboard




Tweet WhatsApp


Power to organize

Where are you ?



leave a message


Let’s talk quickly

do not hang up

we are in one world


between the banks


Let’s not talk about console-to-tion games

that are located on one or more continents apart


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