Guillermo Hermoso marks the morning of the Rejones with his name, starting out on Lea’s shoulders


A Good run by Fermn Bohrquez he starred in the penultimate celebration of the Fallas Fair in Valencia. Lea Vicens, have him pass a trophy from every bull on his property, and Guillermo Hermoso de Mendoza, who has achieved three ears, they reportedly left applause on their shoulders. The young man from Navarre had a very busy morning, especially on the back of Berlin, with whom in his first he embroidered the happiness of the fair ones, and in the last with whom he rode Ecuador and Justiciero, with whom he nailed a two-handed pair .

The French highlightedIn his first with Bático in the bullfight on two lanes and also nailing bankruptcy with Diamante. In the fifth round, a meritorious task took place, due to the bull’s condition, of low devotion.

Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza returned to the Fallas Fair after a 23-year absence. Classicism dominated in both tasks. Missing the death grid on the first left him without a first. An appendix obtained from space after a masterful and moderate slaughter.

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