Does the film have a connection to Jean-Jacques Goldman?

Directed by Cédric Kahn, “The Goldman Trial” hits theaters this Wednesday, September 27, 2023. But does this court-closed session have any connection to France’s favorite singer?

A closed court hearing that is as breathtaking as it is explosive. This is what awaits viewers who discover “The Goldman Trial” in the cinema. The film is one of the cinema releases that should not be missed this Wednesday, September 27, 2023.

This feature film by Cédric Kahn (“The Prayer,” “The Boredom”) returns to the true story of the trial of Pierre Goldman (Arieh Worthalter)Left-wing extremist activist, anti-racist and half-brother of the singer Jean Jacques Goldman. In November 1975 he appeared in court for the second time, having already been sentenced to life imprisonment for four armed robberies that resulted in two deaths. He admits the thefts but denies killing the two pharmacists.

If the film actually tries to capture the portrait of the brotherThe oldest of the singers adored by the audience, viewers must not be mistaken, this is not the subject of Cédric Kahn’s feature film. It is primarily a test film about this “romantic and tragic figure” (the director of Sud Ouest). At the same time, the feature film attempts to capture the complexity of a process.

Jean-Jacques Goldman did not take part

This is one of the reasons why Cédric Kahn didn’t ask Jean-Jacques Goldman to direct The Goldman Trial. As he explained on the Sud-Ouest microphone, he had received “no feedback” from him. “I don’t know him and haven’t asked him because he was always very discreet about his brother’s story. And I respect that.”

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However, the filmmaker adds that certain members of Pierre Goldman’s family “saw the film.” “And I think their feeling was pretty positive.” “The Goldman Trial” is in theaters now.

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