“Bigote” Arrocet says goodbye to María Teresa Campos with accusations: “He should have apologized to me”

Tuesday 5 September 2023

Just hours after María Teresa Campos’ death was confirmed, comedian Edmundo “Bigote” Arrocet went live on “Espejo Público” to say goodbye to his former partner. They were together for almost six years, but when their love ended, the comedian harshly criticized María Teresa and her daughters on various television shows. The relationship between the two no longer existed and on the day of his ex-partner’s death, “Bigote’s” statements were controversial.

The 73-year-old Chilean comedian of Argentine origin accuses third parties of breaking off the relationship with the communicator: “There were people who didn’t want us to be together.” He didn’t mention them directly, but mostly referred to María’s daughters Teresa – Terelu and Carmen Borrego – whom he accuses of having “not behaved well” towards their mother in recent years.

When Susanna Griso asked him about the alleged WhatsApp messages that he had sent to María Teresa to end the relationship, Edmundo again denied the major: “That’s a lie.” And in addition, he denied that he was with María Teresa had to apologize for his behavior: “No, no, no. She should have apologized to me and not me to her.

Given these words, serious accusations were made against the comedian on set because his words constituted an outrage. Susanna Griso then had to end the call with “Mustache”.

María Teresa Campos and Edmundo “Moustache” Arrocet enjoyed a long relationship of almost five years. He was widowed and she was single again when they met on television. La Campos interviewed the comedian in 2014 and that’s where love was born until they both ended their relationship in 2019. From that moment on, the storm broke out between them with serious accusations.

At the beginning of 2020, María Teresa Campos dropped a “bombshell” in the magazine “¡Hola!”: “Almost six years of relationship don’t end on WhatsApp.” I don’t like the way he did it (…) I cried a lot , because he kept me company. My friend, my lover, my everything.

The statements to the magazine showed the bitterness over lost love, but also the determination to look to the future in which there was no room for a second round: “I close the door.” Just because Edmundo ends means that not that the world is ending. (…) I’m also not trying to say anything bad about the person I’ve been with for almost six years. I will tell the reality. To this day I can’t believe he didn’t love me.

“He told me goodbye on WhatsApp that I shouldn’t look for him or call him because otherwise it would be worse,” revealed the moderator afterwards, who made it clear with these statements alone that the separation had not been easy for her. In reality, it was the culmination of a separation that she had already confirmed in a statement that her daughter Terelu read crying on the program “Viva la Vida”: “In all these years, in my romantic relationship with Edmundo Arrocet, many times over unfounded crises and ruptures are speculated. That’s why I want to tell you now that relationships last more or less long, sometimes a lifetime or almost six years, as was the case with Edmundo.

The communicator referred to the rumors of infidelity that have surrounded the couple for years and to which Bigote Arrocet reacted on television like this: “I heard that they left my suitcase at the door of my house, that I am a pimp, that I’m with other women, I’m ruined, I’m dying… It’s a spectacular thing. We laugh,” he said some time ago in “Espejo Público”.

But the comedian always bragged about his infidelity, but never named names. A year later, Arrocet even said on the television show “Secret Story”: “All men do it, but you have to know how to do it well.” (…) It is a matter of religion and country. In Arab countries you can marry three, four or five women and nothing happens. The western side is the most wrong of all because in most cases you get married and have your girlfriend and your lover. Infidelity is relative, we all carry it in men.”

The “Secret Story” audience didn’t like the images and quickly went viral on social media. According to these statements, his competition was short-lived.

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