Berlin public prosecutors drop investigations into Till Lindemann, singer of the Rammstein group, for sexual assault

The leader of the Rammstein group was accused by several women of sexual violence at parties organized after his concerts.

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Till Lindemann, singer of the Rammstein group, on stage on June 18, 2022. (MALTE KRUDEWIG / DPA)

On Tuesday, August 29, the public prosecutor’s office in Berlin announced that it would drop the preliminary investigation against Rammstein singer Till Lindemann, who was accused of sexual assault.

“The evaluation of the available evidence (…) and the hearing of the witnesses did not lead to the conclusion that the accused had non-consensual sexual relations with women.”, writes the Berlin public prosecutor’s office, about the singer of the German-speaking group, who has sold the most albums worldwide. The case began in late May with testimony from a 24-year-old Irish woman who accused the group’s singer-songwriter of drugging and sexually abusing her after a concert in Lithuania that same month. Other young women then testified, all describing more or less the same scenario. The groupies were spotted, filmed or photographed in the front rows of the concerts to allow Lindemann to make his choice before inviting some of them to parties backstage.

The singer denies

Some were then said to have been drugged before being attacked by the singer, who is now 60 but who denied it through his lawyers. The outcry over the allegations had led to protest demonstrations in several countries before the band’s concerts and the cancellation of after-show parties at concerts in Germany.

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The success of Rammstein, the best-selling German-speaking group in the world, is based in particular on the excessiveness of the concerts, with lots of pyrotechnics, guitar riffs and the imposing physical presence of Till Lindemann.

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