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A reflection on the flow of existence and understanding its essence, based on Herodotus’ fable that tells of Kleobi and Bitone, the two sons of the priestess of Hera

Is it possible to write about the happiness of people who have experienced it or told others about it and perhaps paid at a price that is beyond any market logic? When I think of some destinies and some lives that are intertwined in one way or another with mine – with mine, because everyone has or can have more than one, even if it is only hidden in their thoughts and their feelings – Sometimes I seem to understand what happiness can be. Perhaps above all a way of being, an ability to capture the flashes of moments that open us to the essence of life, brief and indestructible together.

As Pierre, in war and peace, a total music of joy returns home for a few days in a book that deeply processes the pain. Happiness can neither be displayed nor hidden, because if there is happiness, the substance of a person who is unaware of the paina tune with the flow of existence that always knows loss and defeat.

Years ago there was a gentleman who, probably from a nursing home, wrote innumerable letters about the problems of this and the other world to some employees of the Corriere, to me too; We speculated as to who else he might write to, given his writing style, who our colleagues were in this investigation of the whole of a heart. Of course, a dialogue about this topic and not about political problems and differences or sensational events of the day is strange, but This bizarre gentleman made us breathe although I confess that I declined with the greatest possible grace the urgent invitation he had addressed to me to publish our letter. This request broke the spell, because happiness doesn’t need big headlines.

The answer was already given by Herodotus more than two thousand years ago the fable of Cleobi and Bitone, the two sons of the priestess of Hera, who have to lead the statue of the goddess to her distant temple on the feast day of the goddess. Since the oxen are not available, the two sons hitch the cart and carry it with great difficulty to the distant temple, which they reach exhausted and happy. Their mother asks the goddess to reward this great act of devotion, and the goddess replies that she will give them the greatest gift a man can get.

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During the celebrations, the two young people take part in the competitions, win them as the best athletes, show themselves in the various games, the party is their party. When the sun goes down, They lie there tired and happy, Fall asleep and never wake up again. Perhaps the greatest happiness would have been the strength to get up after sleep and continue to be happy even after the party was over.

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