“A touch of irony in my first dramatic role” – Corriere.it

The actress stars in Davide Gentile’s debut film Shark Teeth, produced by Gabriele Mainetti: “He convinced himself by looking at me LOL.”

«Gabriel Mainetti He told me he realized I could play a dramatic role if I found myself in it lol. Yes, it’s funny, but he’s actually right: I’ve always infused my comic works with a certain melancholy. And this time I’ve added a touch of irony to a character who isn’t funny.” He was actually the director of Lo chiamavano Jeeg Robotas a producer on Goons Film and also as a soundtrack writer on Michele Braga Virginia Raphael Per shark teeth, Davide Gentile’s first feature film, written by Valerio Cilio and Gianluca Leoncini (for which they won the Solinas Prize), hits cinemas from June 8th with Lucky Red, which produced it in collaboration with IdeaCinema and Rai Cinema. She is Rita, mother of thirteen-year-old Walter (newcomer Tiziano Menichelli) who is going through a difficult summer and grappling with the death of her father (Claudio Santamaria), a grief she cannot share with her but which she actually tends to feel Escape, in constant wanderings on the Roman coast (filmed in Tor San Lorenzo). Until you land in an abandoned villa with a huge swimming pool. And mysterious presences.

“The movie is one modern fairy tale But my character is a real woman, and I wanted to focus on her motivation to render her in 3D. I’m a fan of the many facets of the human soul. I’ve always put myself at risk, in the theatre, on TV, on the radio, in the cinema, as an unconscious person. This profession speaks to you, you can never sit still on what has already been done.” Ready to seize the moment also during the press conferences and not let Edoardo Pesce get past it, here in a cameo appearance as the villain, the corsair (“ I’m the Jessica Rabbit de’ noantri: If you need a villain, call me”). And sing the praises of your very young partner. “Tiziano was afraid that his Walter would go bad, I wasn’t,” he said. As a real actor, he then gave it spontaneity.” The idea, the screenwriters explained, “was to tell a realistic fable whose point of view is anchored in the innocence of the protagonist, in the wonder he feels when he confronts the totem, the dragon that meets the shark.” The idea came from a photo of a child carrying a dead shark on his shoulders in Mogadishu market. The film is very realistic and the result of a good mix of technology and special effects. “I’ve never done anything like this in Italy.”

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